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Digitally sign your software, apps, and drivers with an OV code signing certificate to improve the overall user experience with your product. When a user takes the leap and downloads your software, they are basically allowing a part of your business into their life. What’s a better way to start this relationship than with trust? By obtaining a code signing certificate from a trusted CA, you are basically getting a stamp of approval that you can be trusted. With this stamp of approval, you will reduce warning messages associated with your downloads and your users will be able to authenticate the file came from you.

Why buy your code signing certificate with us?

Three Words: Faster, Easier and Cheaper.

Digitally Sign Drivers

Digitally sign drivers and software


Reduces warning messages


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Save up to 58% on These OV Code Signing Certificates from Globally Trusted CAs

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OV Code Signing Features & Benefits

These features and benefits are included with all of the OV code signing certificates listed above.

Like Globally Recognized CAs

The code signing certificates listed above come from the most recognizable and trusted CAs in the world. If you think of a major company, they most likely are a client of the CAs listed here. This a brand name you can be proud to showcase.

Partnerships Be Prepared for Potential Partnerships

If you’re hoping that your product will lead to some sort of partnership (reseller, affiliate marketing, etc.) that will increase sales, come to the table with your product already secured by an OV code signing certificate from a globally trusted CA. This is also a requirement by many companies, so you’ll be one step ahead there as well!

Checkbox Offer More Security to Your End -Users

Not only can your end-users verify your identity prior to downloading, but your digital signature also acts as a seal over your code. If the seal is broken, your users will be notified. This helps protect them against malware and other malicious code.

Branding Better Branding

With the added security and reduction of warning messages, your end-users are sure to notice the commitment you’ve made to their protection. This will reflect well on your brand and will be spread word of mouth that you are a brand that can be trusted.

Downloads Reduce Warning Messages

“This app has been blocked for your protection.” Yikes! That is not going to help with your install rates. With one of these code signing certificates, you will greatly reduce being associated with warning messages – which will really help your install rates!

Supported Platforms:

  • win-pane Microsoft Authenticode
  • win-pane Microsoft Windows
  • Java Java
  • logo-aair Adobe Air
  • Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight
  • Mozilla Object files Mozilla Object files
  • win-pane Microsoft software formats (32 & 64 bit) including:
    • Kernel Software
    • Microsoft Office & VBA
    • Windows Driver Signing



Process flow and quick support without any delay were super helpful for the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate issuance. Thanks, we were quite in a hurry to launch our software. It helped us tremendously.

Odessa Smith


Once again happy with the process flow of the Code signing certificate issuance. Turning the authenticity of my software through Code Signing Certificate.

Noah Fichter


Had a problem to install the certificate on my java applet and the support team was responsive as they gave me a quick solution.

Paulin Périer

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