Eliminate Warning Messages Associated with Your Downloads – Including Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter

Offer a better and more secure experience for end-users with an extended validation (EV) code signing certificate. By digitally signing your software, apps, drivers, etc. with an EV code signing certificate, you will eliminate warning messages associated with your download – and this includes the notoriously troublesome Microsoft SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter. You will turn a headache into a helping hand and your end-users won’t ever have to deal with this…

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EV Code Signing Certificates Stop Microsoft SmartScreen Errors 

EV Code Signing Certificates do everything Standard Code Signing Certificates do, plus they provide instant trust with Microsoft SmartScreen to get rid of this warning.

Stop Microsoft SmartScreen Errors

Why buy your EV Code Signing Certificate with us?

Three Words: Faster, Easier and Cheaper.

Digitally Sign Drivers

Digitally sign drivers and software


Reduces warning messages


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EV Code Signing Features & Benefits

Enjoy these features and benefits with any of the EV code signing certificates listed above!

Higher Security for Your End-Users Higher Security for Your End-Users

By digitally signing your code with your EV code signing certificate, both you and your users will be able to identify if your code has been tampered with since it’s signing – ensuring a secure download.

Higher Security for Your Product Higher Security for Your Product

With your purchase, you will receive a physical USB device with your private key stored on it. This guarantees that you and only you (with your USB device) can digitally sign your software, apps, etc

Eliminate Warning Messages Eliminate Warning Messages

Your EV code signing certificate will rid error and warning messages from your downloads – including Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter.

Latest Security Standards Latest Security Standards

Each of the EV code signing certificates we sell meets or exceeds the latest security standards, including encrypted digital signatures, SHA-2 hash algorithms, and timestamping.

Better Security = More Downloads Better Security = More Downloads

By eliminating warning messages and offering a more secure experience to users, you are sure to see improvements in downloads, install rates, and brand reputation.

Better Than OV Code Signing Better Than OV Code Signing

EV code signing certificates come with better features than OV code signing certificates. Namely a protected private key and instantly building trust with the Microsoft’s SmartScreen® filter.

Supported Platforms:

  • win-pane Microsoft Authenticode
  • win-pane Microsoft Windows
  • Java Java
  • logo-aair Adobe Air
  • Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight
  • Mozilla Object files Mozilla Object files
  • win-pane Microsoft software formats (32 & 64 bit) including:
    • Kernel Software
    • Microsoft Office & VBA
    • Windows Driver Signing


  • Process flow and quick support without any delay were super helpful for the DigiCert Code Signing Certificate issuance. Thanks, we were quite in a hurry to launch our software. It helped us tremendously.

    Odessa Smith
  • Once again happy with the process flow of the Code signing certificate issuance. Turning the authenticity of my software through Code Signing Certificate.

    Noah Fichter
  • Had a problem to install the certificate on my java applet and the support team was responsive as they gave me a quick solution.

    Paulin Périer

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