Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing

Digitally sign your Windows executables and scripts using a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate for as little as $250 per year (save 12% off retail).

No one likes seeing “Unknown Publisher” warnings — last of all the users installing your software. Get rid of them by using an extended validation (EV) Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate, which proves your verified digital identity to Windows systems and browsers. Because it’s automatically trusted, it doesn’t trigger the Windows Defender SmartScreen warning screen.

Looking for a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate? We’ll help you compare our Windows-trusted code signing certificate options to identify the right one for your software project.

Compare Windows Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

Already have a basic idea of what you’re looking for and want to compare Authenticode code signing certificate prices? We’ve got you covered.

Authenticode Standard Code Signing Certificates


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DigiCert Logo
MSRP$717.00/yr$524.66Per year

Sectigo Logo
MSRP$349.00/yr$277.71Per year

Comodo Logo
MSRP$349.00/yr$277.71Per year

MSRP$284.25/yr$250.00Per year

MSRP$687.75/yr$372.69Per year

ProductDigicert EV Code Signing
Sectigo EV Code Signing
Comodo EV Code Signing
GoGetSSL EV Code Signing
GoGetSSL EV Cloud
Validation TypeStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Insuance Time1-5 Days5-10 Days5-10 Days1-5 Days1-4 Days
Removes Unknown Publisher WarningYesYesYesYesYes
Removes Microsoft SmartScreen WarningsYesYesYesYesYes
Trusted for Driver Signing/Windows Developer CenterYesYesYesYesYes
Requires Secure Key Storage HardwareYesYesYesYesNo

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Not quite sure what you’re looking for yet? That’s okay. Let’s take a moment to cover some of the basics.

What Is a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate?

Authenticode code signing is the process of attaching a digital signature (i.e., a verifiable representation of your digital identity) to software, applications, drivers, or other code-related digital assets. It’s done in such a way that Microsoft will recognize it as being signed by a known publisher. It uses public key cryptography to verify whether the identified individual or organization has published the software and that it hasn’t been altered since it was signed.

For example, here’s what Windows User Access Control (UAC) shows when a user tries to install unsigned (left) and digitally signed (right) software.

In a nutshell, Authenticode is authenticated code (hence the spiffy name) that Microsoft trusts. It’s a Microsoft technology that’s been around for nearly 30 years and is a standard component of all Windows operating systems. It’s designed to create accountability on the part of software developers and publishers; the idea is that if they release software trusted by Microsoft systems, they have to meet specific security-related criteria.

Authenticode relies on a framework of public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies and processes — namely, digital certificates, trusted third parties (called certification authorities, or CAs for short), digital signatures, and cryptographic functions.

What Authenticode Does

When you sign your software and other executables, you’re giving end users a way to verify your identity as the publisher and check whether the software has been compromised since it was digitally signed. Authenticode code signing allows a software developer or publisher to mark their software program in a way that proves:

  1. The software is authentic (i.e., it wasn’t created by an imposter),
  2. Their digital identity is real (the dev/publisher is who they say they are), and
  3. The software hasn’t been tampered with (i.e., no one’s inserted malware since it was signed).

Why is all of this necessary? Neglecting to add a Microsoft Authenticode signature leaves your software and band reputation open to risk. Someone could mess with your file, and your customers or end users wouldn’t know it. If their device becomes infected because someone added malware, then your reputation will undoubtedly take a hit. 

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

A Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate is a small digital file that greatly impacts users’ trust and your brand’s reputation. More specifically, it’s a specific type of X.509 digital certificate that’s specifically geared for signing drivers, plugins, and executables.

Can virtually anyone sign Authenticode? Yes, so long as you have one of these valid, publicly trusted digital certificates. To apply an Authenticode digital signature in a way that’s publicly trusted, you must use a publicly trusted code signing certificate to create it.

To get one of these certificates, you and/or your organization must undergo an identity verification process called validation. This is a comprehensive process for EV code signing certificates that uses official provide and third-party documentation to ensure you are who you claim to be. These certificates offer the highest level of identity validation in the market and are required for driver signing.

What You Can Sign Using Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificates can be used to sign and timestamp many types of files (.cab, .cat, .dll, .exe, .ocx, .xpi, etc.). Examples of some of the signing applications include:

  • Kernel- and user-mode driver files and packages
  • Software applications and updates
  • Macros
  • Scripts
  • Plugins
  • Codes

Benefits of Using a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

There are plenty of reasons why you should apply an Authenticode digital signature to your software projects:

  • Prove your digital identity in a verifiable way.
  • Protect your software against tampering.
  • Get rid of the Windows Unknown Publisher warning (shown below).
  • Improve software installation and update rates.
  • Increase trust in your brand.

Supported Platforms

There are a few ways to use an Authenticode code signing certificate to add another layer of security to your products. For example, you can digitally sign your files using popular tools like SignTool and Visual Studio.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download and install the Windows Software Development Kit (Windows SDK) onto your device. To sign device drivers, specifically, you’ll also need to install the Microsoft Windows Driver kit (WDK). Both kits include the SignTool command line.

How to Verify a Windows Authenticode Signature

Not sure how to properly sign Authenticode? What to know about Authenticode digital signature creation and verification.

How to Become a Verified Publisher with Microsoft

A look at how a software publisher can get their assets digitally signed and verified by Microsoft’s Hardware Developer Program.

Get Your Microsoft Authenticode Signing Certificate Now

Starting at $250.00 per year with a 3-year certificate bundle. The bigger the bundle, the more you save overall. And considering that the Microsoft Hardware Developer Program requires you to have at least one EV code signing certificate uploaded to your Haware Dev portal to sign drivers, you might as well get the most bang for your buck.

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