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Sign Your Windows Scripts and Executables Using a Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

A Code Signing Certificate used for Microsoft Authenticode also called as Microsoft Authenticode Certificate, helps you digitally hash and sign your scripts and Windows executables files ( 32 and 64-bit file formats). For example, .cab, .exe, .dll, .ocx, ActiveX controls, .msi, .xap, .xpi, and kernel software.

Ultimately, it helps in ensuring that your software is not tampered with and verifies your identity to users. In return, it prevents users from facing those unwanted pesky warning messages that trigger the user to abandon the install, driving away your conversions.

What is Microsoft Authenticode?

Authenticode is a code signing technology by Microsoft which helps identify the developer and publisher of the software signed by Authenticode. It helps to verify the software is original since its signing and has not been tampered with by anyone.

Why Choose Microsoft Authenticode Signing?

1. Software Integrity

While signing your software, Microsoft Authenticode signing certificate will use the industry-standard hashing algorithm SHA-2, which will create a unique hash value. And, once that signed software is downloaded by users, Windows will re-hash that software and check against the signed hash value. If it gives the same value, it will be considered safe. If not, then the software will be considered as tampered with.

2. Publisher’s Identity Verification

To get your Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate issued, you’ve got to go through the Organization Validation process, which verifies whether your organization or company is legit by checking registration details. The verification process usually takes around one to five days. But, it’s not a big deal…you can easily complete it if the latest records for your organization are publicly available.

3. Avoid Unwanted Download Warnings

Nothing is more annoying and doubt-inducing as the browser warning that displays the message that your software cannot be trusted. It’s a sure-fire way to drive away conversions. Seriously, ask yourself, who would want to click it? By getting a Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificate, you’ll be able to avoid those warning messages, increase conversion rate, and build your reputation.

4. Clues for Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificate is unique. It allows developers and software publishers to include the information and sign their written code with a digital signature. A Microsoft Authenticode Certificate works flawlessly on the Microsoft platform, letting you sign your Authenticode software without any issues.

5. Trust, Authentication & Assurances

Trust is the utmost important thing in the realm of online business. Without it, you’ll go nowhere, whether you’re trying to sell anything or want to achieve any specific conversion goals. Code Signing certificates provided by trusted certificate authorities like Comodo and Sectigo help you build trust and ensure the integrity of your software while assuring your identity to your software users.

Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate from Trusted Certificate Authorities

Microsoft Authenticode code signing certificates provided by trusted certificate authorities like Comodo, Sectigo, and Thawte rely upon trusted and tested technologies based on PKI (Public Key Cryptography) and digital certificates.


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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $211.46/yr.

A Comodo Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Authenticode, also known as a Microsoft Authenticode Certificate, helps you protect your reputation and your software by signing with a digital signature and hashing your executable and scripts.


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Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $211.46/yr.

Sign your Microsoft Authenticode files like .exe, .dll, .cab, .ocx, .xpi, .msi, .xap (in both 32 and 64-bit user-mode) using a low-cost Sectigo Code Signing Certificate that’s compatible with Microsoft Authenticode technology.


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Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $277.71/yr.

Give an extra security layer to your Microsoft executable files and scripts. It gives you all the benefits of a basic Microsoft Authenticode Certificate while assuring identity by building an instant reputation in Microsoft SmartScreen.


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Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

Priced as low as: $277.71/yr.

Get an approved EV code signing certificate from Sectigo and show your kernel software and Microsoft applications are provided by a trusted developer. It helps you bind your identity to your software, while protecting your scripts and executables from tampering.