Whether you’re looking for the cheapest EV code signing certificate or a standard certificate, get the most bang for your buck with code signing promo codes and coupons that give you up to 70% off MSRP


While some things in life may be free, code signing certificates aren’t among them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap code signing certificates to sign your software, code, and containers.

With our deeply discounted signing certificate prices, it’s almost like getting code signing certificate Black Friday discounts all year ‘round. But just because we can’t help ourselves, we’ve put together a list of coupon codes to offer you even greater deals. Just take a look at these discounted prices to see for yourself:

Comodo Code Signing Certificate Coupon Codes

Secure your code with a code signing certificate from the industry-trusted brand Comodo. The more you buy (in terms of certificate validity period), the more you save on each certificate:

YearCoupon codeActual PriceDiscounted PricePrice/Year 
1cmd8off$83$76.36$76.36Add to cart
2cmd10off$145$130.5$65.25Add to cart
3cmd12off$207$182.16$60.72Add to cart

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate Coupon Codes

The cheapest EV code signing certificates can be found right here when you use the following coupons for one-, two- or three-year certificates:

YearCoupon codeActual PriceDiscounted PricePrice/Year
1cmdev8off$319$293.48$293.48Add to cart
2cmdev10off$558$502.2$251.10Add to cart
3cmdev12off$798$702.24$234.08Add to cart

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate Coupon Codes

Code signing isn’t difficult, and saving money doesn’t have to be, either. Choose one of the following coupon codes to get up to 12% off on your Sectigo certificate:

YearCoupon codeActual PriceDiscounted PricePrice/Year
1sec8off$99$91.08$91.08Add to cart
2sec10off$174$156.6$78.3Add to cart
3sec12off$248$218.24$72.74Add to cart

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate Coupon Codes

Save 10% on one-, two- and three-year Sectigo EV code signing certificates with the following codes:

YearCoupon codeActual PriceDiscounted PricePrice/Year
1secev8off$319$293.48$293.48Add to cart
2secev10off$558$502.2$251.10Add to cart
3secev12off$798$702.24$234.08Add to cart

DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate Coupon Codes

Take your pick and save 10% on one-, two- and three-year DigiCert EV code signing certificates:

YearCoupon codeActual PriceDiscounted PricePrice/Year
1WELCOME10$566.00$509.40$509.40Add to cart
2WELCOME10$1061.00$954.90$477.45Add to cart
3WELCOME10$1574.00$1416.60$472.20Add to cart

How to Use a Code Signing Certificate Coupon Code

  • Decide the validity period of a code signing certificate you want to purchase from the list above.
  • Copy the coupon code of the code signing certificate you’re buying.
  • Click on Add to Cart button. It’ll take you to the checkout page.
  • Enter your copied coupon code in the Coupon code box
  • Click on the Apply Coupon button to watch the price drop.
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That’s it! Now, move forward with the secure checkout process to buy your cheap code signing certificate from

Why Choose CodeSigningStore When Buying Your Cheap Code Signing Certificate

Here, at, you’ll get the same code signing certificate at a lowered price range, which you get from the respected certificate authorities like Sectigo. We’ve also got some special offers running in which we offer discount coupons for already low-priced code signing certificates. Whether you choose one year, two years, or a three-year validity period, we’ve got discounts for every product offered by all the certificate authorities we deal with.

As a software developer working for an organization or working as an individual, signing your software package with a code signing certificate is vital. Take advantage of discounts of up to 70% off MSRP on a code signing certificate. This way, you can assure users that their software is coming from a trusted source and hasn’t been tampered with since its signing.

If you decide to use an EV code signing certificate, you’ll have the added benefit of preventing those pesky Windows Defender SmartScreen warning messages from displaying:

Unknown Publisher Warning

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